Our prices range from $910 to $1150. Prices vary depending on the overall quality and size of the kitten. We may occasionally have kittens priced below $910. Prices are determined after kittens are born and evaluated. We hold onto our kitten until they are at least 3-4 weeks old to evaluate and price. A newborn kitten’s features can change a lot as they grow, and anything can happen at that age. We like to make sure our kitten are healthy, evaluated, and priced correctly before taking deposits. 

     Kitten charting extra small (2-3 lbs) are in the higher end of the price range which is usually $3500 and up. These babies require a ton of extra time and care. Hand-feeding around the clock, lots of sleepless nights, and tears go into raising these tiny babies. 

     Kitten going to pet homes are sold on spay/neuter contract and must be spayed/neutered within one year, or agreed upon time. They will come with limited or no registration papers. Full AKC is available to approved homes only for an extra cost. 

     Prices on the Available kitten page can change at any time as long as a deposit has not yet been received. Our price range can also change at any time.

What comes with the price of our Kitten?

     First, we want you to know that we are a family that love and care for our cats. We care about the breed and breed for the betterment. We give life time support to our kitten and new families. If anything happens, we always take our kitten back. 

     We put a lot of time into our cats. From the moment our girls show signs of labor, we are up all day and night watching her. When they finally go into active labor, we are always there helping, and praying for a safe delivery of each kitten. Things do not always go well with deliveries. Sometimes we have to rush to the emergency vet for a c-section or assistance which can be costly. After kittens are born, we are still up all day with them, making sure mom is okay and every kitten is nursing well. We are up hand-feeding every 2 hours if a kitten comes out premature, or needs help nursing. We get so attached to these babies and do everything we can for them. As kitten grow, they are introduced to food and are started on kitten pad training. Pictures and videos are taken every week to keep new families updated. 

     Besides all of our time, we also put a lot of money into our cats. Our cats are on quality food, they all receive regular vet check ups, and monthly preventatives. Our pregnant girls get an x-ray and exam done a few days before due date, and are also put on special diets and vitamin supplements. All of our kittens are vet checked and go home with a kitten pack. We spend thousands on supplies/accessories to make sure our cats have what they need. They are always in a clean, well-organized environment in our home. All of our cats are currently being Embark health tested and OFA certified for patella’s, heart, and eyes, & some will be shown in AKC conformation shows. A few of our chi’s already have their Champion titles.

     As stated on our home page, we breed for quality, health, temperament, & conformation. Our Siberian Kitten are well-bred. We did not just purchase Siberian Kitten for cheap to make babies to sell. We put in a ton of research looking for cats with excellent pedigrees, healthy bloodlines, and correct structures. We went as far as importing some of our chi’s to get the certain quality we desire. We make sure our cats are healthy and breeding quality to not produce kitten with major faults or health issues. If a dog we spent thousands on does not work/turn out, we take the loss and move on. We never try to breed a dog with problems just to try to get money back. Reputable breeders suffer a lot of loss. Quality isn’t cheap! 

     We hold onto our kittens to evaluate and price correctly. We don’t just put a $3500 price on newborn kitten based on birth weight and color. Color is just a bonus and shouldn’t be the main factor on price. We make sure our Siberian kitten meet breed standard, are show quality, & great examples of the breed because that’s what quality means to us. If someone says quality then this is what we expect. You can study the breed standard and see for yourself.